The Man Sitting On The Chair

10+ years coaching people from all around Europe taught me that there’s only one way to see things right: not seeing them as they’re shown to us. There’s no duplicity, no binary system, no dichotomy in this case. And that’s true even if, in the end, we reach the conclusion of everyone else; we have to get there through independent thinking.

People these days are either

animated-stick-figure-image-0037“Have you ever thought about how dumb people can be to vote for Trump?”
“They’re so shortsighted”
“They’re ignorant and can’t see the monster they voted”.


hattrick.gif“He knows how to have fun”
“Sometimes you have to break to build again”
“Everyone want to be him, they just fake it”

Whether you are on one side or another, how could you think that hating and misunderstanding half of the population of a country makes you different from those you think are dumb enough to vote for the other side?

Russia, England, Italy, Spain and now USA, everyone is reacting to that famous crisis we all talked about until a few months ago. Phase 2: Emotional Reaction. We close everything to protect ourselves from the “invasion of the others”. Is it that all the world has become suddenly insane? Or it’s just that we have trusted information so much, avoiding to think things for ourselves, that we couldn’t see this coming?

In group psychology, identifying external threat (subjectively or objectively) is a way for a group to maintain it’s integrity. Of course when people react emotionally instead of rationally there will be a problem. When the group is weak in fact, people inside can create an “Enemy” that will personify all the problems they have and project all their emotional charge against him to destroy it. As you can imagine, that won’t work out, but if you’re a leader and want a short-term emotional patch to the real problems, this strategy will buy you time (and power).

Everything is connected, not only in spiritual gurus wealth system. Actually it’s really easy: if you watch shit, you eat shit, you think shit, that’s all you’ll receive back. The real deal about these elections, that reflect a worldwide politic of discrimination and closed borders, is not about a single president, it’s about half of the world population that hates each other enough to support this kind of political ideas.

Accepting fake friendship, choosing Marketing over Essence, and following the need of be the center of the world, that’s our problem…

Trump isn’t better of worse than others, and the US will survive as the rest of the world, hopefully. People need to understand though that if you take the easy road, if you cheat like the group mentioned above, you can be a winner for a while, but in the long run you will create a system that will kill you. Your memory will be cursed and your legacy will hunt you even in the great beyond.

It’s easy to say half a country is dumb or ignorant. It’s better to throw away responsibility to an “enemy”.  That will keep your emotions checked for a while, but then, after a few more “try and fail” maybe you’ll understand the price of shallow judgement.

We’re a desperate generation, where all which was holy and saint is lost and all we can do is to choose between a neverending show of the same faces or a crazy, unexpected and irrespectful destroyer that can bring something different. They taught us that hope is our last flame, and maybe someone has reached the moment where they feel that we have to play a trump card even risking self-destruction in front of the oblivion of a soulless world.

In the end, Trump or not Trump, is not the dilemma. The real vote we can make every day is stop being so self-absorbed and self-centered, stop thinking about ourselves like the center of the universe.

That’s the hard way, I know. Victimizing ourselves grants us so much attention and love, so we prefer to rantle our sorrow instead of being strong. But it’s ok. Not everyone should be strong, but at least we can understand this: 

Sacrifice have to be made to reach a real change, and until we think only “enjoy”, “be happy”, “be present” is the important thing in life, we get what we deserve.

We’re not that different as we’d love to be. We’re the same everywhere, taking one step after another, making mistakes, facing similar problems, having the same dreams and trying to survive. In the end there’s only one mankind and I’ll never grow tired of say that. We’re not one, we’re not many, we’re nothing in the end and we’re everything.

I wish our world a long and prosperous future. This is a phase we’re in, accepting it is the first step to get over it and grow. And the next step is stopping creating difference and try to see ourselves in the eyes of the others.

That’s what I think.


(I usually don’t like to speak about politics, and if you read of my samurai sword post  you know I think it’s useless and even dangerous to follow the emotional tide of the great events of the world. Too many “social people” like bloggers, influencers etc… just base their social presence on that, manipulating you by creating a world where everything is pure emotion. They are paid for this and the Emotional Regression they create is the first step to control masses. But this time I think this USA elections are a good occasion to think about how we can change things by helping ourselves creating a deeper meaning to our lives. This is my work, this is my mission, if you like it or want to share your idea, respectfully, you’re welcomed.)

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13 Replies to “The Man Sitting On The Chair”

  1. I can understand where you are coming from. At the same time, Trump himself has taken the liberty to use a highly public platform to do the very thing you are taking issue with people doing. So no, I don’t get this argument.

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    1. Hi tmezpoetry, thank you for your comment. I agree with you. But at the same time, other level is: Everyone is doing this. Privately, publicly. It’s like we say “I want and accept to use internet to be little trumps” and than we feel surprised if everywhere in the western world people like him get the power. Politic in a lot of different countries outside US are going the same way last months, and before the elections. My point is: stop complaining, and begin “action” by not accepting our everyday-little-trump. And then of course there is the question of: Trump or not Trump, if he has power, the problem is people giving him power, and being them like everyone else, my suggestion is to try and understand what they feel similarly as not supporters because I refuse to think half the people of the free world is dumb. I prefer to think their needs are not unheard or misunderstood, and if we begin to do it between each other, maybe we can live better, Trump or not Trump.


      1. Actually the point is the same. I do not think you really you really understand the undercurrent in US politics right now, the potential close of filibusterers, the branch control of one party etc.


      2. Hi tmezpoetry, I think you can find an answer to what you’re saying in my second paragraph. Please let me know if you need more explanations! Thank you for commenting, it’s always nice when people at least show interest in a theme so wide and complex trying not to reduce it as always to a plane dichotomical thinking about political differences… Have a wonderful day. 😉

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