1ondon for 2nights

Once upon a time there was a wonderful city, sparkling magic and international humanity.

People in there flooded joyful the streets, waiting for Christmas to bring joy and treats.

Between gala nights and gifts for the family, my journey went well and I took the plane merrily.

Here are a few pics of lights and car horns, for you to enjoy living back all the scorn.


(Going back to normal foolishness level, hoping to get back to you now that I’m back, and of course if you like what you, let me know! Have a great saturday! 😉)

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23 Replies to “1ondon for 2nights”

      1. Eheh I understand you… I’ve recentely travelled to Sint Maarten and of course it’s a little different than Miami, but the weather is so much similar to the one I like… Even if I’d love to live in Iceland too, but not for the weather, it’s for the nature and the isolation… and of course hotsprings… 😉

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