Do you remember when you were a kid? Your mother told you the strangers were dangerous. Your father taught you to work hard and play little. Your brother told you the other candy was tastier.

But then you found out that the stranger is your best ally, that without playing your work’s worth is nothing and that when someone loves you that doesn’t really mean he doesn’t want the best for himself.

The garden of of memories is scattered with Stumps of old beliefs. And one day they’ll make space for new lives to grow.


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11 thoughts on “Stumps

  1. Reblogged this on Elicasuar and commented:

    Un buon modo di iniziare il lunedì. Buon inizio settimana a tutti 🙂

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    1. Grazie mille Elisa sono contento che ti piaccia! 😉


  2. Il giardino dei ricordi nasconde molti tesori che non sempre devono essere ritrovati.

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    1. Penso che tutto a suo modo trovi un’utilità. Bisognerebbe trovare la saggezza anche dalle cose che non devono essere ritrovate!

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  3. La saggezza a volte è non guardare indietro…

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  4. What a great post. All those things that we learn and change our perceptions…

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    1. Thank you I’m happy you like it! I love your blog and it really matters your opinion to me. Thank you for your commentary! 👍🌹😊

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  5. We don’t remember what happened, we remember it’s emotional meaning. Great post!

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    1. Tnk you Erick, I’m glad you liked it and yes, you saw the root. All is emotion in the beginning, so if you tap into it, there’s no limit on what you can do with it. 😉


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