A pink tree for Csélion bday

Two years have passed since Csélion – Change,  Heal, Evolve came into my life as an ironic game of meanings and voids. I remember drawing a hundred big Csélions with my footsteps in the amazingly quite shores of the awakening Benidorm, Spain, while visiting a friend. I was sure they would have lasted till next morning due to lack of tourist that day.
It was like the ancient idea of mandala. Once you create it on the sand you should erase it to learn everything will fade away in this feeble existence we have.
And I was wondering if someone would have noticed it from an airplane or an helicopter…

After Ibiza and my coming back to Italy Csélion seem to be a memory of the past. But while I’m focusing on my work,  he keeps warming my mind, knocking on the backdoor of my attention to make me remember he/she exists.

Csélion responds to the idea of mankind I had at the beginning of my Spanish life, and I’m sure there’s a plenty of space more in my future.
In the meanwhile I just wish Csélion happy second birthday in the last spring full moon, hoping gods and goddesses from all times welcome him/her to the sky. A gift from me to the universe. A pink tree offering little shadow and plenty of color.



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