The door to You

Today is a special day! The circle of stones moved during the night, creating a chaos of smiling, neutral and sad faces. The ritual involves the use of the dying moon as a catalyst. The door of shadows had to open to allow the shy spirits to come out like night flowers and give the response. This morning I observed the stones carefully, writing down the results from multiple perspectives. I was afraid I could lose some details. Three stones had a real important position in the lower quadrant, but it was the overall picture that gave me that amazing feeling of excitement and success. They drew exactly the symbol of my last travel. The door to You was finally opened and I could come and go at will.
The day became interesting at once, and the first call of the day would soon confirmed.

(“Featherless Shaman – Origins“)

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10 thoughts on “The door to You

  1. Our doors will always be open. Thank you for your work and remember to follow your inner guide, it never fails.

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  2. Suggestive queste pratiche, mi interesserebbe sapere dove le hai imparate 🙂

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    1. Ho studiato molte versioni dello sciamanesimo in scuole spagnole a Barcellona e Madrid. Poi ho cercato diversi sciamani e ho appreso dai monaci tibetani con cui ho lavorato un tempo quando ero a Ibiza. Poi come sempre ho destrutturato tutto lo ho complementato con altre cose e lo ho riadattato per proporlo in modo Transculturale per l’uomo comune che non vuole credere in niente ma vuole trarne i benefici. Se sei interessata organizzo molti gruppi, mi puoi scrivere a

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      1. Certo con piacere, lo metto tutto nella mail 🙂


  3. Intriguing! Thanks so much for the follow. I will be back around to check your blog out. 🙂

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    1. Thank you calensariel for your commentary and for hanging around my blog. I’ll do the same! 🙂 have a great day and see you in this virtual world!

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  4. Powerful… I like it…

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