[Featherless Shaman] “Origins” project

When the hawk cuts the sky, his feathers enslaves the air giving him the power to fly.

But what if the hawk becomes friend with the sky. That way he shoudn’t enslave it to fly, but both can travel together. The one sustaining it, the other offering his perspective.

That’s the story of how the hawk sacrificed his feather to become friend with air.

“Featherless Shaman – Origins” is a project I had in mind for a very long time. It’s a story about how the shamanism reached my life changing it and giving me a new perspective.

I’m different from people using their cultures or “titles” of the many schools and masters of shamanism in the world to get work and clients. I’ve been studying its “core” form in a school, but just to give an oranization of the knoweledge I’ve been gathering from different masters I’ve met all around the world. They’re maybe not notorious names, but the humble little tibetan monk, the beardy icelandic old man met in the cold island, or the indian guru known in the restaurant are as much experience material as big names with a lot of market laws to follow to be famous.

I do no work for clients, just for people who looks at reality like the hawk that understands there are two way to fly: enslave people like using air to fly with feathers and stories, or sacrifice income and popularity asking people to freely travel together to a common destination. That’s the difference between an animal and a spiritual helper.

The animal will fly with your immagination making you feel the air, the spirit will tech you both pleasant and unpleasant sides of life, litght and darkness, and helps you feel the reality of the air, it’s wishes and needs.

Every hawk has the right to fly, but just some of them understands the importance of a respectful alliance with the sky.

You’ll be my sky, and I hope with time we can fly together through mutual knowledge as I will be writing my book with the experience you and I have lived or will be living together. I’m trying to force my english above my level to mantain the quality the project has in Italian, my motherlanguage, and the language I’ll use for the book. I hope you can be patient and enjoy at the same time the contents. And if someone would help me with translation, It will be very welcomed!

Whatever you feel to share with me, you can do it by writing in this blog or through featherlesshaman@gmail.com .

I assure you an answer although I can’t actually reply to everyone the same day they wrote. You will be my priority when I can connect to internet.

Thank you for sharing with me your world.

Featherless Shaman


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