Communication Rules

When we were child people told us we have to be someone. But who is “someone”? As soon as I began to meet people from all over the world while living in different cities and working as therapist and coach, I found a lot of socially accepted delusions about ego, identity and social roles.

Are we humans? Are we characters? Are we gods? Are we even something before being someone?

As I can’t really see a free and easy answer to this question (isn’t it all we want? Easy and free?) without recruiting the forces of Beliefs Systems, I found my answer in Action.

Being active selecting, creating, facilitating, empowering, and blocking (so important nowadays) communication.

Humans. Companies. Systems. They’re my field of expertise.

Now I have the chance of expressing this being Studio Manager in a Plateau that makes lots of the advertising you see on social networks, on television and on magazines worldwide. Communication here is attraction and beauty.

That while still having a little time for people that resonate with my belief-free Optima Vita Coaching system in the afternoon. Co-creating the best humans. Communication here is healing and empowering.

And while writing my fiction stories where I can speak about LGBT+ themes in a way people can accept. Communication here is transformation and freedom.

Three very different Adventures where Communication is the main character and I’m her strength materializing it in the real world with strong ethics and powerful expansion.


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