Emotional Flow of the Sea

Live greatly today. May the strength of the sea be with you, giving you the flow essence of the wave and the strength of the tides.
It doesn’t really matter if today you are on the top or on the bottom. Today just remember to be. Remember you’re not alone. Every man and woman is exactly as you are.
Remember that. Only for today.

Not anyone has the luck to travel for work. I worked hard and harder to achieve this and that’s why I won’t stand any envy about it. If you like it, work as much as I do, sacrifice all that I did and than, if you can’t achieve it, I could accept your envy. Otherwise may your envy go back to the origin with karmic teaching about emotions and their projections…

In the meanwhile here I am, with my wonderful sea waiting for me.

One of the wonderful thing about authentic coaching is that to work on it you should get pass normal level of psychology and coaching, and dare to go there where no other would do losing yourself completely in the process.

When I hear the sound of the sea I feel the strength of the earth and it’s emotional force flowing under my window and I ask it to give me the strength to channel not only my skills and my huge and yet still growing experience in improving people awareness, but to let us remember the real aim of human being. We are meant to evolve. And I’m only a catalyst.

At the same time I’m not only a channel, I’m Luca Povoleri, no one and everyone, not because I say it so, but for the banana experience I always talk about. So I will lose myself in every project, dying every time, and I will be born again in the end, new and more powerful, or weaker. Who knows… that’s something only someone working with shamanism can achieve it beyond the “saying” or “writing” it. That’s why I won’t never stress enough: in psy and coach do not choose charisma over experience and wide horizons… no motivation based on strength and inspiration will last more than a while.

Because in the end, words are powerful world summoning forces, but stronger than them there’s only one thing. Actions and Results.

I’m a naked man. I a suited man. I am for evolution. I am. For Action.

lp for Action.

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27 Replies to “Emotional Flow of the Sea”

    1. If you feel it, it’s not flattery, and I’m not sensible to flattery so everything depends on your true feelings. So thank you! 😉 Actually I like the precaution you have, it confirms the sympathetic feeling I have when I read you! Thank you for interacting with me, this blog is like the only place I write actually myself as my social networks are now half mine half of my assistant and here it’s the only place I kept to feel §”real” social interaction, so “real” thank you! Have a great day! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you man, that’s nice! Hope to keep it personal then… or will I bend to the high powers and become a darth blogger? Who knows… luckily I’m too dumb to take things too seriously I think…. 😀 And sorry if it takes time for me to write you back, when I’m in Italy I work too much, but I will always get back to you… Have a great day!

        Liked by 1 person


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