3 Keys to Enhance your Self-Esteem & Improve your Skills in (1 min read)

Love what you do

Are you really sure with today’s high level of interference at all levels to know what you love? Have you the economical and time resources to make a personal empowerment program with a real expert? If you do, great, do it. It will change everything. But in the meantime one our best modern philosophers say “Love your destiny”. Understand what you like of what you are already doing and do it with passion. You will feel accomplished and you’ll learn more about yourself becoming better everyday at knowing what you really love in life.

Be true and don’t go easy on yourself

Do not chase things you don’t have right now. Be coherent with what you’re in the present, your talents, your defects, your resources, and if you have learnt to love what you do, this will point you in the right direction. Listen to the people that loves you, but decide for yourself. They’re not your enemies, but sometimes they can’t see things the way you see them.

Stay strong and be patient

Strength is what you need to remain open minded. Fight against the idea of being the best, let it slide down to be one of your many motivations, but not your final goal. You’re not the first, you’re not the last. There are people sharing your dream and they can help you if you don’t think too much of yourself and let them in. Yet you need to be patient, try taking care of a plant, and study how slow nature can go to reach a huge result like creating a resilient and self-sufficient life form. You are a force of nature, so just take your time.


24 Replies to “3 Keys to Enhance your Self-Esteem & Improve your Skills in (1 min read)”

  1. Splendida distinzione iniziale. “Ama quello che fai”, non “fai quello che ama”. Non lo dicono in molti e invece dovrebbero perché è una visione pratica e non di belle parole che scrivono tutti 🙂

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