The Sunshine Revelations

“Do you believe in Life after Love” keeps singing Cher in bars, clubs and cars driving till the sun. I do. And you?

Life is so silly, we can’t take it too serously. And of course if on one hand, this is a pure wisdom pearl that people love receiving from me, on the other hand I’m the worst master of all times as I quite frankly take the opposite way in life.

I’m so freaking serious that people can be afraid of me if they get in contact with it without being well trained to see the BEAST… I feel, A LOT.

“Relax, take it eeeeaaaaassssyyyy” someone said to me so many times. But maybe it’s because I think life really matters that I can’t stand, at least inside of me (Warning, spotted soft spot ahead), that people could live so shallow existence and not try to make it better! That’s why I can’t stand mediocrity, not as a “state of being” (It’s Mayor of Mediocricity here speaking to you guys), but as a “state of unawareness where passively accepting everything being choice-driven by everyone else but you”.

Sometimes we think there’s no much we can do to Change (thinkgs, politics, the world, us, life). Like, “well… I’m average, what’s with trying to improve me or my environment? I live, I die. Full stop”. <– Mediocrity (Boooooo!).

Well I think like “Well, I’m average, let’s at least try to cross once the platform 9 3/4 or force that closed doors to the heaven and see if there’s something behind. Because I’m my world and I’m someone only when I involve my environment to” <– Optimized (Booya!)

“It’s my liiiiiife… it is now or ever…. I don’t wanna live forever!”. Yes Bon, you’re right. Let’s try our best, and when it’s not enough let’s try it better!!

A huge quantity of people laughed at me for that all my life.

They don’t actually laugh at me (you can try… I can’t see you behind the screen… or can I? [suspence music here]) like spreading out their claws vibrating with stinky lukewarm (seriously it is said lukewarm?!? please, correct me, I can’t stand to be part of a tepid concept for english language!) sonic shockwaves reaching my face and my ears with a tiny little rain of mouth-water. They laugh at me being so dishonest with themselves saying to me I was totally right and than covering their state of mind under a carpet of fake understanding.

“I’m sorry, what? I’m telling you there’s no real average. Can you understand that? It’s freedom from labels and judgement, and you just say I’m right and you think the same when then your actions are powerless surrender to everyone?”. So, here’s the Big N! After a long time of silent laughs, finally someone saw my beacon. And now I can have another star in my sky becoming the Head of Social Research and HR Development of IARC, an international private research center that fights to create a new path for science where money and opinions stay out of the way! (Yeah… Booya!!!).

So yes. You go through life. Yes you read all the lines, all the words. Yes you invest time on yourself. Because when you do you will reach your sky as you are not who you are. You are what your actions say of you! And without sacrifice, you can’t really achieve anything, even if “luck” helps you get it…

I’m overwhelmed with joy these days. I received the communication on friday and it was so great I couldn’t just “write it”. I felt so alive as that day on Formentera alone.

Actually I couldn’t think anything like that could really happen, and less in this way, like a movie or something. I’ve always thought I would have been a misfit an outcast. You see me fit in here, doing what people do, saying what people like, but it’s not me, it’s my masks. I thought of me of the “stranger”, the one that can change your life for good and then leave and disappear. I saw in my future being doomed to live a life of eternal wandering through the world fighting with fear and misunderstanding.

But no. IARC said, no. You put roots. You’re not alone. And your ACTIONS reached us.

I want to thank you an amazing person, a follower actually, or maybe in life I’m her follower instead, Elisa. She is no one, like me, like everyone. But she acted to reach me out of this place and opened with me a door, something I was silently trying to do for so many years now.

When I left research at the University because it was “corrupted” in my opinion as I always had the same “mediocrity” definition in my head, I was hurt because I saw that science had become a religion. I LOVE SCIENCE. And it’s not that gray matter we think we have in our brain, it’s not the sugarcoated half truths, the 3-layered-interpretations numbers they shove up your throat to make you “see the light”.

Science is a living thing. She’s magical, she’s outstandingly philosophical, and at the same time she’s a big liar. She need to wear masks, as all of us, just to be accepted. But the time of the masks is over. It’s time she understands that it doesn’t really matter that “everyone understand”. To reach something that huge you have to invest a lot, why should we force everyone to forget their unique gifts just to give them the illusion they could understand something the do not invested enough to?

No, it’s time science stop his fights, as there is no fight! There’s no conflict between science and spiritualità. There is no such thing as a white coated psychotic rat-lab making unhealthy experiments on living beings fighting with a loving master (inside or outside) that brings light where there is darkness. Stop laughing at yourselves as you’re so more clever than they tell you, and so much powerful when you realize that accepting your limits in understanding is the first example everyone needs to learn to cooperate. Only in a team we can reach the 9 3/4, only in a team we can open the doors to heaven.

This is the only post I will do about it, my new amazingly satisfying job (I have to invent a few more hours in my day to maintain my patients and work in reasearch eheh, but luckily I have help now!!), but this won’t be the only post I write where you have to read everything to get it. And on my side I promise I’ll write only to your hearts as much as my mildly positive skills help me to leave the masks aside.

I’m not a blogger, I’m just a no one that likes to pound letters to a white screen (mmm just thinking, is it possible to customize your writing background color?), but to reach me, to stop laughing silently you just have to read me.

I’m no one, fighting for rights of everyone to be no one.

An if you get it, like it, and understand it, let’s be friends. As together we’re much better than alone.


Today do not like, comment, share, correct me unless you actually felt this post. Today it’s not about silent laughs and secret blogger handshakes, it’s about making a point, and becoming a new action together, for a better world.  


25 Replies to “The Sunshine Revelations”

    1. Sei una grande Persona, sono potrei perfino dire emozionato di quello che è venuto fuori dal nostro incontro professionale. E’ stato un po’ come un film in effetti e sono davvero molto grato a te e a IARC per avermi dato la vostra fiducia. La cosa più bella è la possibilità che mi date di poter essere me stesso, a volte rilassato e un po’ nerd e a volte professionista inflessibile e un po’ all’antica. Lavorerò al mio meglio per contribuire alla vostra causa per un mondo più giusto per la scienza e per noi esseri umani che, poverini, abbiamo bisogno anche noi di attenzione e amore! 😉

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    1. Grazie mille per il tuo messaggio. Certo che possiamo essere amici, se senti che la nostra strada è compatibile, anche se magari più dura delle altre e con più sfide e sacrifici, insieme possiamo sicuramente fare il bene di tutti e il nostro… perchè tutto sommato se davvero riesci ad identificarti in quello che scrivo è anche per il nostro bene, il nostro desiderio di avventura e di non accontentarsi che ci lanciamo in questi progetti ambiziosi… 😉

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    1. Thank you so much guys of SHAM. It’s been a life change event and of course it will redefine a lot of things in my life. I’m really happy you shared on your blog my special moment. Yes we walk in the same way, so I’m happy to share part of my journey with you! 🙂 Have a great day!


  1. Outstanding! Sarei felice di essere parte di questo nuovo progetto se ti serve una mente in più. Ti ringrazio per tutti i commenti che lasci al mio blog, dovremmo conoscerci di persona un giorno. Intanto complimenti, le tue parole sono molto reali e di grande ispirazione per chi come me ama la scienza al di sopra di ogni cosa. Condividerò il tuo post, con il tuo permesso, sperando di fare cosa gradita. Buona domenica…

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  2. Yes yes yes, congratulation my friend. I’m so happy for you and you deserve the best, I’m so glad your time has come. I love your statement about being a nobody, an outcast and misfit. I have felt like this most of my life as people often don’t relate to the simple joys I love about life. I causes for a lonely path and still you should know that you continue to inspire us all, all the other nobody’s and you are somebody very important to us. Way to go Luca, congratulations 🌷🌾💐💋❤️😉

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    1. Yes we’re all connected. The illusion of ego isn’t solved by destroying it, but with awareness better and worse are just temporary state of probability clouds that can’t be the foundation of our life. What make us alike is the strength we need to go on making a difference for everyone. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment of my life. I’m so happy someone give me the chance of creating a new clean culture where interest are not part of scientific theories and experimental outcomes. But the best part is knowing people like me, not 100% idealists, but enough to have a good will for fighting for the big picture! 🙂 I’m always so happy when I read you, I really hope one day we could meet! 🙂 have a wonderful day!!! 🌈🌻🌹🌹🌹

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      1. Meeting you would be amazing and if I manage to return to my homeland (Germany) it would be a huge step closer.
        I understand you as if you are speaking about myself and I truly know where you stand with your experiences and your outlook on life. Like I said you survived some big storms but you never gave up in making a difference. You see here is another phrase you may have never heard and if it is new to you, I know it will have some meaning. It goes “It’s not a matter of how many times you get knocked down, but a matter of how many times you get back up” . This is who I see in you, a fighter that has seen pain but chooses the good in life and in people and was only looking for a chance to help and contribute. Well done my friend, I couldn’t be happier and do hope we meet some day. ❤️🌷😉😘


    1. Thank you so much livegreenlovepink you’re too kind! I hope I can live up to the expectations of being gifted… I really prefer to think of myself like selfmade man like old time American dreams made European eh eh… thank you so much for taking time to read me and I hippie to make more posts giving you these kind of good vibes! 😉 Have a wonderful day! 👍😉🌈


  3. Yes I’m familiar with the expression! I remember the song “I get knocked down but I get up again and you’ll never gonna keep me down!” When I was at school I loved that song eh eh… I have a very good friend in Berlin! Where were you living before in Germany? 🙂
    Well if not here I hope one day I can get closer to you as it was one of my dream to go out of Europe! 😍



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