Discrimination not here! (Your fear rules your life, not mine or the one of those who follows me)

This morning I have to ban an offensive commentary made on an ethnic restaurant just because I mentioned it in one of my latest stories.

That really bothered me because I hoped wordpress was better than social networks. So I’ll make it clear with today’s Daily Post Prompt hoping you can read it because it’s time to put my foot down.

I won’t tolerate I don’t say just “discrimination”, but even also half-fun-distinctions made on Culture, Race, Sexuality o Religion on my blog.

(I know. You see something different from you. You have a penis, the other don’t. You have bright reflection on a mirror and another darker. You like blondies and others brunettes. You love women, the other men. So you think you’re wrong because of your unresolved familiar issues, you Panic, you sublimate it with hate, and you make a preemptive attack with low level irony or sacred fired rage whenever you see a hint that remembers you how coward you are inside for not fighting for your own freedom. It’s ok, you have to act because you can’t de-program your imprinting, you pre-fabricated cognitive routines that bring self-hate before hate toward the others. Ok do it, But NOT HERE!)

I don’t speak politics here, and I don’t care about what kind of international relationship we have with other countries. My position is: what a a small group of people do, doesn’t apply to everyone of the same culturally-imposed-category they are forced to stay in.

In this blog we’re humans among humans. Every origin, every way of loving and caring, every god, every cultural facet that brings you accepting other is well accepted here. The rest, out.

If you don’t like this, unfollow me, take out all your likes, and erase your comments as in this you won’t see my soft spot.


35 Replies to “Discrimination not here! (Your fear rules your life, not mine or the one of those who follows me)”

      1. Yeah you are totally right. This is like my own way to tell it. I just want people to not write bad things on my blog. Than in their lives I don’t have or want to have any power, but not on my blog…. 😉

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    1. Beh hai ragione, quelle ci saranno sempre, ma non mi infastidiscono. Però penso sia giusto fare almeno un post in cui metto in chiaro la mia posizione. Poi insomma non è certo una tragedia. 🙂 Però sì, non lo lascerò passare e vorrei che fosse ben chiaro! 😉

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    1. Thank you so much for your commentary Tony we just have to reinforce this position as it’s so “old world” to keep today these differences based on thin and meaningless labels. I loved to see your words today! Thank you man! 😉

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    1. Grazie mille Simon, più che altro è cosa buona e giusta. Mi pare solo il minimo indispensabile per creare un ambiente di scambio. La paura impedisce a chiunque di scambiare opinioni liberamente e invece io non credo che esista nulla di più di bello di un luogo dove le persone possano parlare in accordo o in in disaccordo rendendosi conto che non c’è bisogno di temere giudizi personali su basi insignificanti.

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  1. Good for you to stand up for your beliefs and representing so many of us. Judgement and discrimination is a shallow behavior to make the sufferer feel better about their miserable life. People often put others down, including the opinions of others to make themselves feel better. There is nothing to sugar coat but only to set clear expectations that such behavior is not to be tolerated. Thank you for doing that and I am very sorry that this had to happen to you.

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    1. I am in a good company luckily. I just think I want to do my part for a better world with all the others that does it and even better than me. Have you ever faced it on your blog some of these commentaries? Maybe I’m too strict, how do you deal with them if you had this experience? 🙂

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      1. Not on the blog yet, thank goodness but in real life and sometimes it has forced me to choose my battles. Can I convince, perhaps save somebody or is it a waste of time, a lost case. Personally I don’t like to give up but at times a person can be so closed minded, ignorant and aggressive if you will, that they are not ready to hear your words.
        I believe you did what you could and while I don’t know the details of what happened, it looks like you put your foot down and made your expectations clear. That all you can ever do. People that follow you know that you wouldn’t tolerate such behavior, nor will they associate awful remarks with you. Nobody looks bad but the one that made such discriminating remark.
        And while it is frustrating and hurts to use your platform (blog) for such and we could easily anger, you might even consider to realize how lost this person is to behave the way they are doing. What caused them to react like this? Is it a cry for help? Perhaps you could turn an awful event into an accomplishment. You are already the bigger person Luca. Sorry for the long response but I hope you can take something away from it and it helps. Xoxoxo

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      2. No way, I loved your commentary!!! It’s not long, It’s perfect. I think you’re totally right and of course it can be a good think to try reverse engeneer their motivation. But sometimes I think people who uses virtual way to offend or discriminate just absorb time and life from others. I’m sure and I think I will use your suggestion for the people that show some real interest in my life, but not for random commentary. I don’t know it’s like, your first commentary and the first thing is joking about racial traits etc… BTW I really enjoyed your idea of turning a bad thing into a good one… I don’t have yo be surprised anymore as we’re getting to know each other but right now it’s really amazing that you have this kind of idea too. I think everything can be turned on a positive way and it’s not for everyone to see that as a possibility.
        Thank you so much for taking time to write me I really enjoyed how close or way of thinking is… 😊✌🌹🌹🌹

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      3. You are very welcome Luca and I think we will discover many more incidents where our thinking will be the same and its a good thing because like minded people fuel our passion and inspire us to keep fighting the good fight. I too believe that everything can be influenced in a positive way and I am not a pessimist. The glass is always half full for me and while I am not naive to bad things, I don’t give up easily and people need to be inspired to do the right thing.
        It’s so nice to find like minded people such as yourself and I am glad we ran into each other on here.
        Thank you for being so amazing and thank you for the beautiful flowers. 😉🌷💐🌾

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      4. 😊 You’re so strong! Sorry for the delay I’m at the airport now going back to Madrid. Yesterday had to work a lot and wanted to read you giving your words the right time! 🙂

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      5. I have a similar schedule like you and have to be up at 3:45 as well which is only on a few hours. No time to write today but hopefully tomorrow. Miss talking to you and have withdrawals otherwise 😉. Safe travels my friend.

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      6. Thank you so much. I’m finally home and for a week or so I will have finally a real internet connection to write and read better eheh… Wow, how early, are you going to travel too? 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much for adding your clapping to this point! We will be listened! Us and all who wants a better world where people is judged by what they do and not what they’re labeled with. Everyone is a single amazing universe deserving better than reductionism and shallow thinking. 🙂

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  2. …che poi… non mi sembra questo ne il modo, ne il luogo giusto per fare discriminazioni… boh! ma come gli va alla gente? mo non so cosa sia successo, ma sai che c’è il parlar male e vedere sempre il brutto porta a farsi vedere… quindi fai bene a non cadere nelle provocazioni, ma giusto anche spiegare il proprio punto di vista…!



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