The Mountain-Lake Combination

I’m Passionate for life. I love it. And she loves me back, sometimes. But not one of those obsessive love like “I want you so much I can’t leave you for a while. You can’t see your friends without me, I have to be there every minute”. And I’m not the I-will-stay-with-you-forever type. I know someday we will grow apart. Eventually I won’t be the same, I’ll grow old and she is going to be young forever.

Life on the contrary is passion herself.She gives you time, power, strength but most of all she gives you her trust. She believes in you. So you better believe in yourself before she gets tired of being the only one pushing for this relationship to work. Love is not only receiving, it’s giving back more or less the same amount you receive. Sometimes you can receive more, sometimes, you can give more, but in the end both the directions of energy movement should be balanced otherwise harm will come, to you, to life.

It’s like the place I’m going now, Lecco Lake and surraoundings. There’s lake because there’s a mountain. A perfect and balanced combination of depth and height. Without the mountains there won’t be a lake. But without a lake there will be mountains. That’s in my opinion exactly what my relationship with life is. She’s my mountain, my muse, my inspiration pointing me at the direction of the sky, and she gives me his depths where the water of the rain will stop nurturing me.

And of course some days, when the rain stops, there’ll be a wonderful sky to wait for my eyes to meet.


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25 Replies to “The Mountain-Lake Combination”

      1. No, the thanks should be to you for not just capturing a breathtaking view but allowing us to sit and view it in a different perspective… ♥♥♥

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      2. Thank you Jenn, last year I made the Choice of Shallow Blogging, which means I try to put the less content I can here because of a lot of reasons, one of them my work preventing me to invest real time here, and of course the fact that I have a real deep ethical involvement in world imporvement and sometimes I felt with my old blog that this is not a channel to focus my intention. But… there’s always a but, I try to leave some mark for some people that can “see” to see them. The same way I saw your posts. So I’m really happy you are one of the few who can see beyond the post itself and try at least to reache it’s core. You have a friend here. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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