24 minutes to die

This is how a star really dies. It makes me feel so great watching it. We live in an outstanding universe.

24 minutes and a star existence will cease forever. But his light will keep travelling through space reaching our night sky for all the hundreds or thousands of years that it needed to get here.

So our sky is full of death illusions. Maybe half of the stars are gone, but we still see them, and wonder and wander under that sky. We become philosoph-ists, existential freaks, witches and mages, or inner self travelers going deepest in our soul. Which is amazing!

So transition or death shouldn’t be that bad if it could inspire us even when the source of life is already gone.

So maybe when we die our light and shadows will keep lighting our families, our friends, our loved and hated ones for a while. Maybe we can keep them safe with our prayers. Or maybe we can jinx them with horrible thoughts too (seriously guys, hate is so eco-unfriendly on our inner environment, why we still tap into it as source of power, you’ll see the cost on the energy bill at the end of the month…)

But the price to maintain long this inspiration is being far from here. The farthest the star was the longest its light will keep showing on our skies. So maybe all this closeness, all this need to be in contact every day, every hour, every second is making us appear so much “now” that the memory of us will fade away in no time after our death.

I don’t know actually what this video means to me, but this is the first time mankind can watch an actual star dying. It inspires me, it makes me think that without science, we could just picture it as yellowish point on dark drawings. And with science we achieved a new knoweledge, but it doesn’t really change the inspiration and magic the we feel looking at the stars at night.

People that knows me see all my neuropsychologist mask in a way, the shaman mask in the other, and don’t really understand how you can wear both.

So maybe today I’ll ask you something. When you “believe in science” aren’t you actually creating a religion out of it weakening it’s meaning and giving ego-and-money-oriented studies more power than the ones who can actually unveil secrets of our universe? And when you don’t have faith in science, doesn’t this in a way means you don’t really see that science is reality, it is a method, a way of achieving knowledge not something concrete you can invest with opinion?

I live in both universes. I’m a researcher AND I inspire people with spiritual awareness and my drums. And you know what? Both universes are full of money interests that makes them so dirty that actually aware and mature people couldn’t stand any of them anymore.

Numbers are so vulnerable to the words used as a make up for being financed or to reach the great public. Spirituality is so thin and delicate that ego quite always transforms it in magnet for money. And anyone who say the contrary (I actually work on both so I don’t have interest in saying this) is fooling you.

So this video makes me think we may actually wonder and being philosoph-ist myself about it:

Why we don’t dream of going to the stars anymore?


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22 Replies to “24 minutes to die”

  1. I have heard of this before Luca and know that most stars we see today are in reality no more existent. It is amazing to comprehend the vastness of our universe and I forwarded your message. Again beautifully written, bravo.

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    1. Yes it gives you perspective and in a way a lot of freedom. When you understand how small you are you can feel your mistakes/problems/challenges are not that huge and change can be easier. I’m really happy you liked my post and forwarded it, thank you very much! 😍🌹🌹🌹

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  2. I love you post!!! It’s so… deep and genuine too… not pretentious at all, I love ego free posts like these! We’re all masters and I can’t stand who consider himself better than the others! Way to go my friend, way to go!!!! 💪💪💪💪

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