Terms, Conditions & Rewards! [ENG]



-> 1 hour [At home, at my clinics] 90€
-> 1 hour [Online] 65€
-> +At your home outside M30 (Madrid) +20%
-> +Holidays, Weekends, After 7PM +20%

-> Optima Vita 360*, Advertising Projects, Business Assessment and HR Projects. Everything that implies a tailor made short-medium-long term project have a special fare that includes many variables. Get in contact with me to plan it together.


1. Format: It’s my way of doing things to bring therapy to your home to understand your real life. I studied psychology but I’m not a classic therapist, I Change people and business so first you have to understand it’s gonna be hard, it won’t be easy and you will have to be motivated a lot before you can get there. Good thing is that if you are with me I will get you through every challenge you may face. I’m your trusted Empowerer.

2. Geographical Area and Online Service: Mi area now is in Madrid, check my fares above to understand how it works when it’s outside my area. Remember that with me everything is crystal clear and prices are VAT included, so no hidden costs.
My Online Area is everywhere you are if you speak Spanish, Italian or English. Just be sure you have a good connection!

We can meet online too even in Madrid, check the fees above. It’s cheaper because we don’t have to move, but remember that life is not online, so I always prefer physical presence where I can analyze more of you and your environment. We can use online for special needs and situations though, like now with covid, but don’t illude yourself it will be less than a normal session even if I’m going to use every resource I have to make it feel the same. Everyone saying it differentely is just unprofessional or unrealistic.

3. Session Duration and Timing: Every session I make is about 45-60 minutes long. Some exceptions can be Regressions or some shamanic rituals, and you will be informed of that in advance. I always ask you to take an extra hour to be more comfortable. Clearly you’ll pay just for the time of the session but in my experience, and my way of work, it won’t kill to stay a couple minutes more or to have some alone time after the session to meditate on our progress.

4. First Session: If we don’t know each other we can begin with a first information session in which we will have the chance of clearing any doubts and choose the best way for you. It will be around 45-60 min and it will be charged as any other sessions.
Here you’re not paying for “another option” in a “market”, I’m not selling everything, so the time I give to someone I’m taking it away from someone else. There is no such thing as “free”, every time you see it somewhere be aware that you’re just going to pay more later or for a longer time..

As in Europe people is not used to real coaching, in the first session if you need to limit our environment to a single room you feel comfortable into, it’s no problem, we have to build trust, but in the end you have to understand that I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to empower you. Depending on the project I will ask you for access to your life and business and if you’re chosing me you have to understand you will have to open up and let me do my magic.

5. Reservation and Payment options: My Reward can be in form of cash or bank transfer. I prefer bank and app to make it easier to keep track of payments. The session date and hour will be confirmed by reserving with 20% in advance by app or bank transfer. In case you choose the online payment (bank, app etc…) you have to pay the session at least 24h before and send the receipt at info@lucapovoleri.com . In case you choose the cash payment, protocol is that when I get to your home or business you have the fee ready. As a lot of intruders changed the perspective of the professional you may be used to different ways, that won’t work here. Respect for you is giving you my 120% and a huge professionality bult in years, respect for me is make the payment smooth and simple.
Online session will follow the same protocol of online payment.

6. Cancellation, rescheduling and delays: Cancellation on the side of the client are accepted until 24h before the session. In that case I have a fair refund policy and you’ll get your reservation fee back in 24-72h.
If you cancel in the last 24h or if you arrive late you will be charged with the full fare even if we have to reduce our time or cancel the session. That’s fair too…

Rescheduling is accepted until 24h before the session and only if it is possible to reschedule for the next cycle (see below). In case you ask for a reschedule in the last 24h it will be considered a cancellation and you will be charged the full fare.
In the case of a cancellation from me you will have a complete refund of the reservation fare.

7. Cycles: Every work I do has a rythm, like in shamanic drums if you change it you may change the result. When we decide to work together we are going to set a specific rythm for our sessions. Usually it’s once a week or a month. In some occasions it will be twice a week and in Optima Vita 360* Hard Version it will be every day for a time between 3 and 6 months. That means we have to plan your sessions wisely because if we alter the rythm we can make it more complicated. Luckily we have some margin of error, I will explain it to you on our first session.

8. The right foot: That beeing said… I know that someone doesn’t like to talk about money and we have to work on that too… because money is neutral, you can’t living hating it. If you’re here you understand that money is just a mean to achieve something real as my work, your Reward for me is a Reward for you, so be happy and let’s begin our quest!”


We talked about my rewards above, but you’re the one who is having a reward here, I will just receive energy for your transformation… that’s why you’re here: to be transformed by me and my way. Hopefully even if the names can be familiar to you, it is not just the same stuff you can find online, I’m not just a “service dispenser”, I’m Luca.
So, some of my services are in the list below, but for a tailor made option and special services for Life Adventurers (which are, as you understand as real life works, not for everyone to just google it), ask me directly. I won’t bite…

OPTIMA VITA 360* COACHING (Personal/Business) for Life Adventurers #optimavita360 ★

Psychology★: – Counseling – Narrative Metaphore Redefinition – Family mediation – Sexuology – Couple Mediation and Counseling – Comunication Stye analysis and redefinition – RPT (Role Play Treatment) – Conflict Mediation

HR Consulence★: – Coaching Optima Vita 360* – Stress Management – Empowerment y Performance Assessment – “Shining Without Burning” (Original system) – Business Optimization – Communication inward and outward – Assessment – Work Environment Analysis – Motivation – Marketing 101 – Troubleshooting – Team Building – Formation – Startup Planning

#featherlesshaman★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter] :Shamanic Mindfulness (original system) – Natural retreats – Nature Meditation – Drum Meditation – Urban Warrior Rituals – Emocional Empowerment – Shamanic Counseling – Guided meditation – Aware Spirituality – Blessings and sacred unions rituals

Holistic Therapies★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter]: Mindfulness – Guided Meditation – Aware Breathing Workshop – Natural Medicine and Infusions – Self-Help Groups – Guided Meditation – Reiki – Cromotherapy – Sport Meditation – Natural Retreats – Meditation Retreats

Holistic Psychology★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter]: Breathing 101 Workshop – Cromotherapy – EFT – Kinesiology

Progressive-Regressive Therapy★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter]: Creative Source Awakening – Inner child Changing, Healing, Evolving – Guilt and Co-Reponsability – Future Projection – Trauma reduction – Autosabotage Reduction – Collective Awareness – Emotional Balance – Problem Solving

Advertising and Production★ Events production – Photoshooting – Videoshooting – Team Building – Company Events – Press Conferences – Photobook – Budget Sensitivity – Tailores Made 360* Management (Catering, Photographer, Assistents, Make up, Hair Attrezzo, Dj & Music, Transport, Magazines, Models etc… )

fb: www.facebook.com/drlucapovoleri/
ig: www.instagram.com/lucapovoleri/
+34 664 35 40 95 (Spain)