“Super-viv(i)ente” & “Super-Living” in Italy, Spain, UK and The World!

Cambia lingua per vedere in che paesi è pubblicato o torna al multilingua.

The Psychological First Aid accesible for everyone to achieve a better (post)Covid world on Amazon. New Voice for (post)Covid health in Italy, Spain, UK, and now The World!
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Autor: Luca Povoleri (De Las Heras)
Titulo: “Super-Viv(i)ente”
Publisher: Gruppo Albatros Il Filo
ISBN-13 : 978-8830626744
ISBN-10 : 8830626740

Autor: Luca Povoleri (De Las Heras)
Titulo: “Super-Living”
Publisher: LucaPovoleri.com
ISBN-13 : 979-8716620209

Where can I find them?

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“Super-viv(i)ente” is a bilingual Italian/Spanish Internation social project that support local business and Km0. Find it or order it in your nearest Bookshop. Give value to your most important territory.
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“Super-living” is the only official translation of “Super-viv(i)ente”, the original bilingual Italian/Spanish International social project
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For a human and accesible psychology in (post)covid world

16 point plan to cope with lockdowns, new phases and new normalities with postivie realism based on the Official Italian Psychologists Association and optimized with Optima Vita 360*!

(Post)Covid world is not about the virus, it’s about the psychological construct, the idea of the virus and of what we need to do to face the risk. Virus has a relatively low mortality rate, the psychological construct instead has affected everyone.
Check 16 practical and realistic ways to super-live these times and prepare for the new world.
Accesible language, no cheap coaching slogans.

Is it possible to deal with the Covid-19 lockdowns and the challenges of new normalities with serenity? Luca Povoleri De Las Heras provides us an effective “psychological super-living” manual, listing a series of simple suggestions that everyone can follow to live the health emergency the best they can. He deals with the most important topics that we all have to relate to these days, like keeping in touch with people, taking care of ourselves and of those we care about, live our daily routines at our best and even organizing our smart-work activities. It is crucial to find a way to manage the relationship we have with information and social media. We will learn how to protect ourselves by fake-news and to select the sources for your daily exposure to news medias and newspapers. With clear mind and positivity, the creator of Optima Vita 360* gives us a useful instrument to support us, help us feel less alone and at the same time increase our awareness of what’s happening both inside and around ourselves in these difficult historical times.