My Skills

If you’re here it’s because you want to Change, Heal and Evolve.

That’s why you’re here: to be transformed by me and my way. Check my “home” to know what does it mean… and here are some of my Skills (check the list below).
Hopefully even if the names can be familiar to you, it is not just the same stuff you can find online, I’m not just a “service dispenser”, I’m Luca.
So, some of my services are in the list below, but for a tailor made option and special services for Life Adventurers (which are, as you understand as real life works, not for everyone to just google it), ask me directly. I won’t bite…


OPTIMA VITA 360* COACHING (Personal/Business) for Life Adventurers #optimavita360 ★

Psychology★: – Counseling – Narrative Metaphore Redefinition – Family mediation – Sexuology – Couple Mediation and Counseling – Comunication Stye analysis and redefinition – RPT (Role Play Treatment) – Conflict Mediation

HR Consulence★: – Coaching Optima Vita 360* – Stress Management – Empowerment y Performance Assessment – “Shining Without Burning” (Original system) – Business Optimization – Communication inward and outward – Assessment – Work Environment Analysis – Motivation – Marketing 101 – Troubleshooting – Team Building – Formation – Startup Planning

#featherlesshaman★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter] :Shamanic Mindfulness (original system) – Natural retreats – Nature Meditation – Drum Meditation – Urban Warrior Rituals – Emocional Empowerment – Shamanic Counseling – Guided meditation – Aware Spirituality – Blessings and sacred unions rituals

Holistic Therapies★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter]: Mindfulness – Guided Meditation – Aware Breathing Workshop – Natural Medicine and Infusions – Self-Help Groups – Guided Meditation – Reiki – Cromotherapy – Sport Meditation – Natural Retreats – Meditation Retreats

Holistic Psychology★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter]: Breathing 101 Workshop – Cromotherapy – EFT – Kinesiology

Progressive-Regressive Therapy★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter]: Creative Source Awakening – Inner child Changing, Healing, Evolving – Guilt and Co-Reponsability – Future Projection – Trauma reduction – Autosabotage Reduction – Collective Awareness – Emotional Balance – Problem Solving

Advertising and Production★ Events production – Photoshooting – Videoshooting – Team Building – Company Events – Press Conferences – Photobook – Budget Sensitivity – Tailores Made 360* Management (Catering, Photographer, Assistents, Make up, Hair Attrezzo, Dj & Music, Transport, Magazines, Models etc… )
+34 664 35 40 95 (Spain)