There’s no place like home

House is the place we grow in.

Home is where we feel safe.

Sometimes our house and our home are different. That’s because sometimes our house is where our dreams died.

But it’s never too late.

Let me help you.

Bring back your dreams.


(Sorry guys i’m in my Italian week of the month and have so little time for writing, but I’m making people dream come true. That’s what I like to think I do.Β 

So please leave a comment and I will be back to you any time… Have a wonderful Monday! πŸ™‚)

27 Replies to “There’s no place like home”

    1. Thank you so much for commenting and my best wishes and blessings for your realization. One of the first and most important things in realizing dreams is find the will to do it, so you’re half way to make it real! And of course if I could help you one day I hope you’ll find in me a good ally or just a friend wishing you the best and hoping to see you as a new star in the sky. Have a great day! πŸ˜‰

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      1. There are days I find it hard to find my will because then my head is so disorganized. But I have no job and I realise I rather work for myself then for a boss. thanks for your offer, maybe I will use it. I wish you all the best! And have a great day too!

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    1. Italy is a wonderful place. Living there sometimes can be rough, but living all aroud europe now made me learn that everywhere things can be difficult, every country has it’s issues, so I think everywhere is either a wonderful place to live or a terrible one. Yew italians actors are very much passionate… sometimes they cross the line actually, too much passion, but there are some realy talented people in Italian movies, that’s true! πŸ™‚ Where are you from? Have you been to Italy sometimes?

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